Kobe City College of Nursing has embraced the mission of educating nursing professionals capable of contributing to health, medical care, and welfare in their local communities. To accomplish this mission, it is necessary to cultivate a comprehensive understanding of what it means to be a human being through far-sighted vision and extensive education. In this way, the College seeks to cultivate a creative outlook—that is, an ability to discern the significance of human existence and experience.
Second, the College seeks to help students build character and support a deepening of their relationships with others through daily interactions with students and faculty members. In this way, students learn to build active relationships with others based on trust in themselves, and they are expected to develop a ethical attitude that strives to take better action at all times in a variety of circumstances.
Third, the College seeks to engender an orientation on the part of toward the practice that is the objective of nursing science. At the same time, it imparts the knowledge and technical expertise necessary for that practice while cultivating an analytical and comprehensive thought process to support it. In this way, the College helps students develop an ability to restructure their knowledge and technical expertise to reflect the objective at hand, forming the fundamental skills of nursing practice along with a creative outlook and the ability to interact with others.

Fourth, the College seeks to cultivate a personal stance characterized by the foresight to anticipate health issues in local communities and take action to address them. In this way, students can be expected to develop a professional orientation to continuously search for exceptional care models and new nursing systems in response to the changing needs of society.