Objectives & Admission Policies


  1. To develop the ability to practice nursing in response to the individual needs of diverse people based on a sense of self-awareness and responsibility as a nursing professional.
  2. To cultivate a sense of ethics based on an understanding of the dignity of life and respect for human rights, and to engender a professional stance that actively addresses ethical care problems in the everyday practice of health, medicine, and welfare as a nurse.
  3. To cultivate the ability to build relationships with others based on trust in themselves.
  4. To cultivate a sense of leadership and cooperation as a means of facilitating active cooperation and partnership with other professionals, particularly health, medical care, and welfare workers.
  5. To cultivate an interest in the local community, an understanding of health-related needs, and a willingness to actively participate in local activities.
  6. To cultivate an ability to communicate with individuals from different cultural backgrounds and a willingness to approach and address nursing issues from a global perspective.

Admission Policies

  1. Nursing-oriented disposition: Individuals who have a broad interest in the fields of nursing, health, welfare, and medical care
  2. Respect for human beings: Individuals who respect the dignity of others and value human rights
  3. Communication skills: Individuals who have the ability to listen to the words of others and express themselves clearly and precisely
  4. Flexibility in thought and ability to take action: Individuals who exhibit flexibility in their thought, seek out new knowledge, strive to solve problems, and embrace action