Message from the President

President of Kobe City College of Nursing Hiroko Minami

Kobe City College of Nursing was established in 1996 in the year following the Great Hanshin-Awaji Earthquake. In 1996, even one year after this unprecedented earthquake, the scars and damage were still very visible. Countless volunteers came together to Kobe to help the distressed victims of the earthquake in what has been described as an understanding the importance of emotional care and support.
Kobe City College of Nursing shone as beacon in the rebuilding process by answering the calls of the local and international community in becoming a base for nursing care and research. Upon establishment, Kobe City College of Nursing was already answering the changing needs of the community.
Kobe City College of Nursing has continued supporting and cooperating with the local community for 23 years. Our graduates are actively contributing in various nursing fields including public nursing, general nursing, and midwifery.
In 2000, a Master’s program was established producing professionals, specialists, and researchers. In addition, in 2006, a PhD program was established with the aim of providing graduates with the skills necessary to conduct research at universities and research institutions.
One particular characteristic of our university is our outstanding educational standard in diverse nursing fields including hospitals, public health facilities, home-visit nursing stations, and governmental agencies. We continue to support the local community by providing practical classes. Graduates and current students of Kobe City College of Nursing fondly use the school nickname ichikan with pride as a nursing university that is a hub for specialized nursing education.
From April 2019, our university became an independent public university corporation. This autonomy allowed us to farther increase our local and international activities.
We are responding by providing professional nurses to an ever-changing society faced with various challenges: low birth-rate, aging population, shift to urban population density, increasing health gap, natural disasters, and the changes brought about by globalism.
Our university is utilizing the international strength of Kobe City by contributing to the local and global communities through activities and programs.
Kobe City College of Nursing campus design is based upon the beautiful Italian city of Florence where Florence Nightingale was born. The university also has a lovely herb garden which boasts various floral scents with each season.
If you are passionate about nursing and care, aim for a professional nursing career, or desire to pursue nursing, then Kobe City College of Nursing is the right choice for you. We welcome you to knock on the door of ichikan.